2014 Photography Goals Recap – Goals 2015


Landscape image of the Linn Cove Viaduct along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Fall.

Landscape image of the Linn Cove Viaduct along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Fall.

Lets start with the 2014 goals to see how those went. They were:
(1) Get published. – Accomplished
(2) Make $10,000 off photography. – Failed
(3) Finish at least 4 complete travel guides. – Failed
(4) Have a gallery showing of some sort. – Maybe
(5) Network. – Accomplished
(6) Assist on a photo workshop. – Accomplished
(7) Find a mentor. – Maybe
(8) Blog on a consistent schedule. – Kinda!

(1) This goal is both more clear cut and murky than last year. This year saw many more image licenses, but they came through a stock agency. For that reason I know there were licenses, but can’t point to where the images were published. This goal will be dropped from next years list.

(2) Again I didn’t even close. The day job once again prevented me from starving to death. I’m pleased to say that there was progress in this area and photography was able to pay for a nice new piece of gear (details of that in the future). This goal, and dollar figure, will carry over to the 2015 list.

(3) Failed. The travel guides were not even started and I knew early on this goal wasn’t going to be accomplished because my outlook for the year shifted. This goal will be dropped from next years list.

(4) Similar answer to last years, but with a lot more effort. My images were hung in a Dr’s Office, but the goal was for an actual gallery showing. In 2014, I researched every gallery spaces around Raleigh that I could find, and only found one I was honestly interested in pursuing. That gallery is currently booked through mid-2015. With the limited local options this goal will be removed from next years list. Print sales appear to require a lot of hands on selling effort (aka art fairs) to make them happen. That time investment is one I can not afford.

(5) Pleased to say that networking occurred a lot more in person this year than in 2013. I’ve met some fantastic photographers and was fortunate to share some great meals, conversations, and experiences with them. This goal will be kept around because more folks are coming into the community and I want to help make it a better one.

(6) Great success and its one I haven’t discussed much because I do not want to trade on his “name” or his success. While trying to be brief: I had the fortune to assist Richard Bernabe on his Great Smoky Mountain workshop in April. It was solidly a Top 10 experience of my life. There were so many aspects of the trip that I am still reflecting upon. Wonderful (cloudy/snow!) weather, friendly students, open conversations, no BS, and most importantly a opportunity to personally learn while also helping others learn. Seeing lights go off in anothers’ eyes is the true joy of teaching. For obvious reasons this goal will remain on the list for next year.

(7) Yes, and no. An actual mentor… no. A phantom mentor… yes. One book author, Galen Rowell, has stood out from the rest. Two  wonderful books of his are Mountain Light and Inner Game of Outdoor Photography. Both are recommended. Mountain Light is at the top of my recommendation list. This goal will remain on the list for next year.

(8) 28 posts(+) this year lands above the one post per two week mark! Much better than expected. Podcast review were a large part of that number. I want to make a better effort to put my words and thoughts out to others. Podcast reviews will remain, but my desire is to share inspiration. This goal will remain.


Now that the subtraction portion is over with, lets get on to the addition portion. Too many goals will dilute the focus of having goals at all. So only one is being added.

(1) Learn photoshop. Yup. Seriously. Learn photoshop. I can create layers, but that’s about it. Time to beat back the beast and learn a lot more.


As with last year, does posting these goals make me sound like an amateur? Maybe.

Does posting these goals hold me accountable? I hope so.

Does posting these goals inspire someone else? Lets find out.

Are they bold? Absolutely. Goals are supposed to be difficult. Otherwise they aren’t worthwhile. If there is no struggle then there is no real achievement.

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